I’ve watched this movie (Monte Carlo) for six times, and I never really get bored. Aside from the good story-play, the main reason why I keep on watching this is because it was set in EUROPE (France and Monaco), the places I dreamt of wandering. The places I know I will be blown. Take photographs of wonderful views. And of course my I don’t know / a bit impossible dream of doing bungee jumping in the Eiffel tower, yes it’s impossible cause it’s forbidden but many have tried and got arrested at least they have experienced awesome bungee jump!!!! weeeee :))) Who knows :)))




This blog is dedicated to the places I’ve been dreaming since I was a kid. The places I know I will be visiting for the next years, hopefully :))) 

This contains news, people, stories and my imaginary adventure of course of the things I want to do (weird and crazy things) to these places. :)))